6HDphoto 3.JPG6The 2014 Winter Holiday Club

I was taught that the success of an event needs 99% planning and 1% execution. Well, what we experienced- no amount of planning could have prepared us for the 100+ little people under grade 5 running around in excitement! But was it worth it? YES!

It is heart warming to see children having fun, with beaming smiles whilst they learn new things, creating memories with their siblings, cousin and friends.

Watching new and old relationships form or blossom, either between the children or toward theirs leaders or amongst the leaders is fulfilling.

To all who contributed to making this life changing experience possible,

Thank You


Below are our numbers for the Winter Holiday Club:

Day 1 – 189 +46 leaders

Day 2 – 207  + 43 leaders

Day 3- 225 + 31 leaders

Day 4- 264 + 39 leaders

Day 5- 289 + 34 leaders + 17 parents to watch their kids in a talent show










Highlight of activities:

1)      Youth Wing: Extension completed and operating. Donation from Thomas More.

2)      Soccer Field at Tholulwazi: Fully laid out, fenced and seeds planted. Thanks to Ross and Siphiwe for project management. (Donation was from a Parishioner).

3)      Double story building: Housing a computer lab on the ground floor and staff accommodation with 4 studio flats and a common room on the first floor is complete.


4)      Funding Commitment: Reutech have made a commitment to financially support projects in the future.

5)      Sports fields at Bazamile and Lamula: Funded by a donation from Soul of Africa are fenced and seeded.

6)      Science lab building: At Tholulwazi High school is now complete. (Sponsored by Soul of Africa).

7)      CASME math training: Continues and is proving to be successful.

8)      Business & Entrepreneurship training: Jacqui has concentrated on “record keeping” and will look at manual bookkeeping as a future project.

9)   Praying: Continues at the Tholulwazi Assemblies and led by our staff/interns.

10)   Performing arts lessons: Offered by Lithie Ceshe. It was suggested that a school play should be choreographed.

11)   Thomas More: Continues to partner with Tholulwazi including a fun day and financial support.

12)   Computer Trainer: Siya continues to provide basic computer education.

a)      It was identified that 90% of the kids from Grade 6 at Bazamile had not even seen a computer, but they are adapting fast under Siya’s guidance.

b)      First group of grade 12’s have covered IT Basic, Word and Excel.

c)       IT exposure has been extended to members of the community and iBhungezi.

13)   Vegetable Gardens: Continue under the guidance of Liz.

14)   Bakery: While still operating has not yet reached its full potential.

15)   iBhungezi: Continues to successfully manufacture handbags under the guidance of Anne Baylis. The workshop extensions were completed during the year and new equipment donated.

16)   Life Orientation and Physical education classes which continue with enthusiasm

17)   Expression of talents in the arts program has identified learners who are poets, artists, actors and dancers.

18)   Art classes have resumed under a previous learner Njabulo Dlamini.

19)   Expression of Me life orientation programmes continue.

20)   Holiday Club and Kidz Club continues to provide community activities for young people.

21)   Disabled people: Wheel chair donated by Philip.