Lamula is located in Umgababa in the North of the valley and comprises 9 classrooms for its 256 learners and 10 educators. One of the classrooms has been set aside to be a Media Centre and was equipped with shelving for the few books it received from a previous campaign to provide reading materials. A number of members of St Agnes church visit the school every week to read with the children for an hour.

Due to the generosity of Soul of Africa Trust we were recently able to provide flush toilets for the first time and to create a dedicated, protected area for Grade R learners with improved furniture and facilities. The Grade R teacher is also receiving training from NELRU, a local NGO that offers training for early childhood learning. The principal reports evidence of improved enthusiasm and outputs from the Grade R teacher.

a)      School facilities required.

The following is the prioritised list of facilities required by the school:

i)        20 Computers with ancillary equipment and Internet Access

ii)    Toilets/Changing facilities

iii)      Painting of school

iv)    Covering of existing paved area to be used as Auditorium

b)     Skills Training

Soul of Africa Trust has provided funding to conduct assessments of the needs for intervention in Maths & Science at the 2 Primary schools over the forth coming 12 months. In addition the school has identified the need to provide training for an educator to run the Media Centre. It would also like to promote growing of vegetables and Environmental awareness at the school.